Call for any possible HT situations: National Hotline 1-888-373-7888 or text BEFREE (233733)

Informational Presentations on HT:

BCWBA & Short Presentation


Zonta International
Service & Advocacy
Zonta International is involved with the UN through UNIFEM, UNICEF and UNFPA. Zonta International Legislative Awareness and Advocacy and United Nations Committees, in particular, engage in advocacy action at the international level and alert members to opportunities for advocacy at the District and Club levels.

Position Paper on Improving the Access to Women and Girls to Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education.



Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)



Is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women's Day is a national holiday. The 1st International Women's Day was in 1911.



Is a day celebrating when women received the right to vote!


Human Trafficking (HT)

This project strives to educate the political leadership, law enforcement and the general public on the subject of Human Trafficking and its prominence in the State of Florida.





Quick Facts:

·          FLA is #3

·          21 million in forced labor worldwide 12.3 million in sex trafficking.  Some are victims of both

·          In the US 70% of female victims are involved in sex trafficking, 30% in labor

·          Appprox 100-300K American children are sex trafficked each year (average age between 12-14)

·          Generates $32 billion internationally annually and is one of the top 3 int’l crimes along with drugs and arms 


If you suspect a HT student is at your door, please call the hotline above and do the following:

·          Don’t buy the product

·          Ask them for their ID and take a picture

·          Call the non-emergency (not 911) to notify them 




Commissioner Robin Fisher, Claire Ellis, Dr. Anthony Davis, Gail Cordial, Sandy Michelson

Brevard County Commission Adopts Resolution to Eradicate Human Trafficking 

            On Tuesday, Jan 20 members of the Brevard County Commission unanimously adopted a resolution in support of “all efforts to eradicate human trafficking.” The resolution was sponsored by Commissioner Robin Fisher of Titusville at the urging of Dr. Anthony Davis, Sr., Founder and Senior Pastor of No Limit Ministries, who serves as the Chairman of the East Coast Human Trafficking Task Force.

            The Zonta Club of Melbourne is a partner in the Task Force and Claire Ellis, Chair of the Club’s Human Trafficking Prevention and Education Committee serves a member of the Task Force’s leadership.

            In reading the resolution Commissioner Fisher reiterated the Commission’s understanding that although January is human trafficking prevention month, the crime of human trafficking is an “all year battle” and declared their strong support for detection and prosecution efforts until “our youth and citizens are free from domestic minor human sex trafficking and forced labor.”

            Dr. Davis thanked the Commissioners for their support stating between 17,500 and 20,000 victims are trafficking into the U.S. each year and Florida is the third largest hub of U.S. human trafficking.  He stressed the importance of communication between community stakeholders including faith-based organizations, law enforcement officers, business and education leaders in order to identify potential victims and convict their traffickers.

           Meetings of the Task Force are held at the State Attorney's Office in Building D at the Viera Government Complex every other month at 3:00 PM on the 3rd Tuesday. Copy of Resolution

*Presidential Proclamation Dec 2011

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Sue M. Pridmore Center
The Sue M. Pridmore Center is a Salvation Army place for homeless Women and their Children. All of the revenue from the Salvation Army Store on New Haven Avenue, West Melbourne goes to support the Center.

Zonta Club of Melbourne provides monthly classes to the residents on various topics, counseling on re-entering the work force, computers for school work and research, and a library of research and support materials. Zonta educates the ladies for better nutrition on a small budget. Zonta hosts an annual Christmas Party. (Picture of Mrs. Claus and a child from the Pridmore Center at the Christmas Party)

Sue M Pridmore Center


Serene Harbor Donations
Serene Harbor is a Domestic Violence Center in Brevard County, FL. Zonta Club of Melbourne donates business attire to the women at the center on a regular basis.

Sally's House Donations

Sally's House is a PREVENT of Brevard House for women to seek refuge to help fight addiction in Brevard County, FL. Zonta Club of Melbourne donates business attire to the women at the center on a regular basis.


In addition to all of these services, Zonta Club of Melbourne contributes over 30% of its local contributions to Zonta International's Service Projects.